Frequently Asked Questions.

What Information does Fast Flow need in order to provide an accurate quote for a shipment?

Number of Pieces, Weight, package dimensions (L x W x H), commodity, supplier’s address with zip code, whether or not pick-up is required, origin and destination of shipment. Click Here To Request A Quote

What documents do you require to ship my cargo?

We require a commercial invoice from the supplier which states clearly the supplier’s Name and Address, the Consignee/Buyer’s Name and address, and the description of the goods being shipped.

If the cargo is Hazardous or requires any kind of special handling, other documents will be required. In these cases, please contact us for consultation.

Does Fast Flow offer insurance for cargo?

Yes. Fast Flow offers full coverage maritime insurance for both air and ocean freight, import and export. Fast Flow only offers insurance for freight that we handle.

How are freight costs calculated?

Freight rates (air & ocean) vary between different origins and destinations. Freight costs are normally calculated by multiplying the freight rate by either the actual weight or the volume (volumetric weight) depending on whichever yields greater. Ocean freight rates are usually quoted per weight or measure, W/M. (W being 1000kg and M being 1m3 (35.32 cubic feet), whichever yields greater.) For a quote, you would need to advise the commodity, value of goods and country of origin.

How often do you have flights from Miami?

We have various flight options out of Miami.

With Laparkan – Tuesday evening flights into POS

With Caribbean Airlines – Wednesdays & Fridays into POS

With Amerijet – Daily flights into POS (payment options for Amerijet: (1) Pay in USD – in Trinidad or directly to Fast Flow via credit card; (2) Pay in TT with an additional 15% CAF on total ocean freight charges)

How often do you sail from Miami? When? Transit Time?

 Fast Flow Cut Off For Cargo & Documents Vessel Sailing Transit Time Port to Port
Monday 4pm Wednesday \ Thursday 6 Days Direct Sailing
Wednesday 12noon Friday \ Saturday 7 Days Direct Sailing

What do I need to ship via Air Freight?

Pickup address (if required)

Shipping weights & dimensions

TSA letter

Supplier Invoice (NB – must be a recognized shipper to move via Air Freight)

Can you pick up from US supplier?

We can arrange pick up from anywhere in the US! You simply need to provide shipping weights, dimensions, commodity and address for pick up.

What is the “Ship To” address?

“Your Name/Company”

c/o Fast Flow Inc.

8045-8055 N.W. 68th Street,

Miami, FL 33166

United States

Can you consolidate cargo?

There is a 30 day FREE STORAGE period at our Miami warehouse. As such, your shipments can be consolidated from various suppliers, thus saving on freight charges.

Is there a subscription / membership fee?

No there isn’t, we are one of the few companies that allow you to use our services when you need to without the additional cost.


Can I deliver on weekends?

Our office hours for delivery are Mon-Fri 8.00am – 4.30pm